The presentation of artwork and direction below was a pitch I created for Bosque Brewing Company in October of 2023.

My goal was to revitalize the ‘Flavor is Boss’ tagline which was phased out of the marketing years ago. After conducting some research, I found that the tagline was primarily used underneath Bosque's old badge logo.

This tagline was catchy and tied in perfectly with the branding from an outsiders perspective. I saw opportunity in breathing new life into this concept by displaying the values of personality with energy, fun, endearment, and community in a way that is creative and could be built up continuously for years to come.

With this art direction in mind, I built up a robust graphics the capitalizes off the Flavor is Boss tagline that could make for advertisement and merchandise that doesn't just sell, but also hypes up staff and customers, begs to be shown off, and energizes all the right humans that come into contact with it

Back in ancient times, salt was considered of high value and was used as a form of currency to exchange for goods and services. People who traded amongst one another often bartered salt as currency for labor, giving rise to the expression that someone was "not worth his salt." With inspiration from this ancient custom, the Salt Money beer line was born. After conducting some R&D I found that the Salt Money beer line was first promoted on social media back in late September of 2023. Bosque posted a beautiful photo of a six pack of Salt Money beer cans sitting on a tree stump with fall leaves filling out the rest of the composition with the caption, "Fall in love with Salt Money this season." This imagery inspired the art direction for the Salt Money Ad Campaign.

My goal was to illustrate a cool image that encapsulated the autumn vibes such as the colors and textures you see on the hiking trails around the Rio Grande or up in the Sandia Mountains. I also wanted the composition to have texture overlayed each part of the campaign to help bring a rooted, rustic, burlap sack, earth feeling to it all as well. My reason for this was because I think of enjoying time with loved ones, friends and family picking sunflowers, exploring pumpkin patches, or navigating a corn maze amongst all other enjoyable fall activities. With all of that said, I focused on bringing this ad campaign to life with unique imagery that captivated the warm spirit and engagement Bosque would seek to have resonate with their customers and bring them inside to warm up drinking some Salt Money this cool and crisp fall season.

This ad campaign presents a cohesive marketing strategy that creates a consistent visual representation that can build strong customer engagement with the product through sales of the beer packaging or through having drinks in-house. A lot of promotional SWAG or merchandise could be invested in as well utilizing the Flavor is Boss character designs as well as the Salt Money campaign illustrations as well to create hype and more sales for the Salt Money beer line.
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