June 13, 2023 - Tharros Studio (THARE-ROWS_STEW-DE-O) reached out to me in need of my expertise to provide my assessment on their new digital product called the Drippy Lettering Builder + Font. This product allows anyone to create and assemble drippy lettering effortlessly for any design needs with premade effects applied. First, Tharros needed me to ensure that their website provided a fluid user experience moving throughout each webpage, as well as making sure the product description on the shop webpage was easy to understand. My last thing to check out was their tutorial video they placed on the product page and to make sure that it was easy to follow along. After providing my feedback, Tharros provided me with a 100% discount off the Drippy Lettering Builder + Font so that I may be able to test the functionality. This product is compatible in both Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. The font itself worked like a charm for any computer user and was very simple to download and install. Inside the the product package was also premade lettering with premade effects applied to all characters. These characters make for a reliable, efficient, and quality resource saving time for all designers with premade drippy styled lettering that provides reliable customization within Procreate or Adobe Illustrator. I loved my experience executing simple tests with this digital product and provided positive feedback to Tharros Studio with appreciation shown to them for reaching out and providing me with this opportunity and gaining a free font that I am so happy to have received.

After my initial tests, I was inspired to bring to life an idea I had been sitting on for awhile up to that point because I saw this digital product tying well with it. I communicated to Tharros Studio that I had this idea for a fictitious drink called "Creative Juice," and that their product could work well for it. I was encouraged to create and bring my idea to life and so I proceeded on this opportunity. In the end, I designed a mock social media ad for Creative Juice in Adobe Fresco which included a hand lettered call-to-action, illustrated drink cans with charcoal and smudge brushes applied, and with pastel colors that blended well that gave the composition that punchy feel that complimented the Drippy Lettering font that I manipulated to fit with the artwork. You can see my illustration process below along with my initial sketch and some images highlighting what I did with the Drippy Lettering font.
My experience working with Tharros Studio was a dream come true as I had always been wanting to test a digital product for graphic design. I look forward to the future and hopefully testing more products down the road. It's a great feeling knowing I am starting to establish my footing here in the design industry and help others with making solutions and achieve their goals!
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